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Earl G. Presley

Earl G. Presley is President of A Voice For Today Ministries, Inc. He holds Masters's Degree in Vocal Performance Pedagogy and Theological Studies from TCU and a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Florida, Gainesville.

Earl Presley has always been a Musician. He has taught Vocal Music and Music Theory at all-levels from Jr. High to University. The son of a Baptist minister has held Ministry positions in Baptist, Methodist, and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Churches since the age of 14.

Earl was a vocalist with the US Navy Atlantic Fleet Band from Norfolk, VA, from 1976-78. He was a 1988 winner of the Metropolitan Opera District Auditions in Dallas. He has performed classical recitals as both faculty and guest artist at many Colleges and Universities. He has also been a consultant and lecturer on electronic music. He has performed as Vocalist, Guitarist, and Bassist in a variety of venues from Classical and.

Earl brings a unique dynamic and eclectic presence to every performance, worship service, concert, rehearsal, and classroom situation.

To Contact Him call: (386) 864-EARL (3275) or email [email protected]

Favorite Quote – from the great Texas Music Educator Clement Crook:

“Passion without discipline is anarchy;
Discipline without passion is mediocrity;
Passion with discipline is art!”